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Skip to main content Ring Making Tools. In Stock. A lot of reviews say they only received the ring sizer but I did receive both the sizer and the mandrel. It's plastic so it's not the best quality, but it does get the job done. It was for a really low price so you get what you pay for, but it is usable. I am happy with my purchase because I knew it was plastic before I bought it and I am able to use it until I can purchase a metal one. Add to cart. Only 1 left in stock - order soon.

Good selection. Perfect as advertised. Currently unavailable. I actually prefer these for making coin rings over the plastic set I bought earlier. Would love to see these available for purchase individually though, oh wait they don't wear out I know that providing a case would increase the cost but that would have been a nice touch. See All Buying Options. Love this tool. The first one I order had problems.

The handle broke the first time I used it. Called and the people they sent another handle and I had no other problems. Use it alot.I am proud to provide the world with the highest quality coin ring resources available. From training to tools, as well as custom made-to-order rings, I believe this is the best website on coin rings on the net. Also find me at RioGrande. Be sure to browse the coin rings available as well; each ring is made by yours truly, from coin selection to dropping it in the mail.

Visit RioGrande. The 10 student class covers how to make rings from silver dimes, quarters, half dollars, and Morgan Dollars. The third day goes over how to pattern and ring out your own textured metal using Bonny Doon and Durston tools. Silver coins are included with the class.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and email me at info jasons. I look forward to making a ring for you, or even better, helping you learn how to make them yourself! Sincerely, Jason Stinchfield. Your Information Username Email Please leave this field empty Registration confirmation will be emailed to you. Expertly Crafted in Central California. Shop Now. Master Swede Kit View Cart. View Cart. Folding and Stretching Kit View Cart.

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skip king coin ring tools

Created By Masters in Their Field. Upload Your Amazing Creations. View Gallery. Your Information Username.

Please leave this field empty. Registration confirmation will be emailed to you. We use cookies on this site to enhance your user or shopping experience and for marketing purposes as described in our privacy policy. Ok Tell me more.These are the best rings to be made from the most common material. I have been making coin rings for a few weeks now.

My aunt got me started by saying how she loved her ring she made As a child. I was touched and spent countless hours and coins trying an trying to re create it. I made my brother in laws brother a set of these for wedding rings. Coin- any country any coin. Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson.

So to start you should find the approx. Whether it's be a quarter, nickel, half dollar or a coin from another country. The place where the whole is decides the beauty of the ring.

It's heart breaking when you mess up the whole. Once you find the center drill or use a punch and die set. I use a punch and die set it is much faster and I find it easier.

Once the whole is drilled or punch is punched you are ready for the next step. In this step you need pliers and water, a ring mandrel, a nylon mallet and a torch.

I have become used to the heat of coins when I anneal coins I do not quench them. I think they are easier to work when they are hot.

Although it does hurt more to get touched by a red hot coin. Anyways get a stone ore a brick to heat your coin on. Turn on your torch and heat the coin on the brick until it turns light red. Once it is red then take the heat off. The next part is crucial to the ring appearance. What ever side you want on the outside of the ring you want to face up on the mandrel. Then take the nylon mallet and tap the coin until the edges bend down.

Repeat this step of heating and folding until the coin is ne'er flat to the mandrel, but not all the way. Once the coin is ne'er touching the mandrel flip it.

Now the coin center hole should be closer to the bottom of the mandrel. Now that the coin is flipped heat the coin again same as before, but out the larger sized of the coin facing the tip of the mandrel. Then continue hammering with the nylon mallet and keep heating as needed. Soon the ring should be completely flat on the mandrel. Once the ring is flat on the mandrel on both sides the ring is mostly done. Now to just remove the sharp edge and left over center debris.

Take the non rippled edge of the coin along grit sand paper to get a nice flat bottom. Then take the Sand paper to the inner edge of the coin to take out the sharp edge. I absolutely recommend getting Mothers mag and aluminum polish. This stuff works great and it is cheap.Texture on both sides to make it easy to grip and position.

There are other disc cutters, some made by Swanstromwhich should work as well. These punch and die sets are typically used with a hydraulic press, an arbor press or perhaps a heavy weighted hammer.

I recommend some type of press rather than the heavy hammer because there is less chance of the punch or coin bouncing and causing an off-center hole or other damage. The Ross CPAC is fabricated using a proprietary technique and special machine tools of my own design.

Ring Making Tools

This special machine setup is necessary to achieve the desired accuracy necessary for coin ring making. Low cost allows those just starting out to accurately center punch a single type of coin, or a small variety of different coins without making a large investment in more costly specially machined coin punch sets.

Thus, the beginning coin ring maker can get started for relatively small cost and then determine if they want to expand their hobby and tool set at a later time.

I make your Ross CPAC to the specifications you furnish, thus any odd-sized coin can be center punched with this custom made tool, and a Punch and Die set. Each Ross CPAC is intended to align a specific size of punch, in the center of a specific size of coin.

Insert your coin into the coin hole on that side of the Card. Turn the Card over and place it under the top plate or cover plate of your chosen Punch and Die set.

With the Punch seated against the coin, the Card is now captive in the die set. Carefully place the die and punch into the appropriate press, and punch the hole in the coin. Remove the die set from the press. Use a ball-point pen thru the hole to easily dislodge the coin. Find out all of the factors that influence the overall accuracy of the hole you punch in the coin. Buy Now.Coin rings. The hobby that takes any metal coin and turns it into a beautiful piece of custom jewelry. Here you will find affordable coin ring making tools that will not reduce the detail on your coins due to metal to metal contact.

I designed these tools to be safe, durable, and easy to use. Because of the way the tools are designed, they allow you to eliminate multiple tools, be more accurate, and have a much cleaner, more beautiful product in a lot less time.

Welcome and congratulations! You have found the best place for the highest quality coin ring tools and custom made coin rings. All of my tools are made from the highest quality materials and machined to the highest standards by machinists that are true masters at their trade. The coin rings are made by me and only me. From picking out the best coin I have for you, to the final polishing and shipping. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Thank you and enjoy! Coin Ring Tool Suppliers Quality coin rings require quality coin ring tools.Another great article. Thanks for the tips. I have most of this but need a couple of things. Just a thought; I started a new ring yesterday and as I was cutting the whole I was thinking about your post. I lubricate my saw with a wax-like substance Burr-Life from Rio Grande. I picked that tip up once upon a time. Not sure if it helps but thought I'd mention it.

I was wondering what you do for smaller coins? I'd like to work on some small coins but my mandrel is 12mm wide. Was thinking a 6 pence ring would make a nice wedding gift. Are there narrower mandrels out there? But its not necessary. I am trying to keep it to the simple tools.

Saw blades are cheap, they typically break after one good use anyway. And the holes you cut are so small, its not like doing, say, a cut coin. Where BL is more suitable. Yes, there are smaller mandrels. That is what I use for my small rings, shilling size and below.

I DID leave that out. Meant to include it. But, yes. Smaller mandrel. Granted, its tiny. But it will do the trick if you dont have a small mandrel. You really only need a small mandrel to step it up to fit a standard size mandrel.

Coin Rings by The Mint

On a small mandrel, I always hammer it facing down. On the large standard. Always facing up. Give that a try.

skip king coin ring tools

If you want a better small size mandrel, look at riogrande, for beading mandrels, or small size mandrels. Thanks again, and all the best in your ring work!!

skip king coin ring tools

The second and evenly important tool is a non marring mallet. Since we are working with coins. Amazing rings! I am going to attempt to make a ring for my dad out of a Walking Liberty with his birth year. I'm curious about how you go about wrapping the mandrel with leather to prevent marring. It seems like it might make it hard to work the ring for a beginner as well as get an even wrap. Any tips on wrapping?All of my reduction dies have been precision engraved with the corresponding size on each opening side for easy identification.

NOTE: The outer diameter openings of my 4-reduction die set can accommodate coins in size from 1. For example, the 1. It can be used to further reduce U. It can even be used to reduce the Presidential Dollar coins, the Sacagawea Dollar coins. NEW smaller sized 0. By popular demand, and because of the many requests from customers, I am now offering this NEW, smaller double-sided reduction die; as many have asked to have a smaller die size than the previous smallest 1.

skip king coin ring tools

Die 5: This Universal precision engraved double-sided reduction die also has an opening measuring 1. This was specifically designed and is used to get the smallest sizes possible on the larger coins during the FINAL stage of sizing, and it also allows for the detail on the outside of the coin ring to be better protected while reducing during the final sizing. Every die has been precision engraved with the corresponding size opening for easy identification.

Each of the two dies above are precision engraved with the type of coin that fits it perfectly on the outer edge for easy identification:. These two dies make a great compliment to the existing universal reduction dies; as those dies are needed to further fold and reduce the coins to the final size and shape you are looking for. Of the many requests that I have received from people to offer a reduction die for the US Quarter… here it is, only better!

An initially folded-over US Quarter using the die. An initially folded-over Morgan Silver Dollar. NOTE: You will need to have the 1. Stainless Steel Starter Cone to begin the coin ring-folding process. NEW hardened stainless steel folding cone and spacer set. This is the newest, most effective and simple ways at folding a coin over for the purpose of making it into a coin ring.

These new Stabilizer Folding Cones made from wear-resistant and hardened stainless steel are a more effective and efficient option than using the delrin bearing balls.

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